Charlotte Badminton Club

345 Hawthorne Ln, Charlotte, NC 28204


Charlotte Open 2016 Oct 21-23, Charlotte.

Forza Open 2016 Nov 4-6, Raleigh

USAB Tournaments/Events

Charlotte Badminton Club(CBC) dates back to 1970's and was one of the first badminton clubs started in the US. Now it is host to players originating from 20 countries, coming from different walks of life, yound and old. It continues to serve the Charlotte community with the mission of growing and nurturing the sport, supporing upcoming junior players, and hosting friendly tournaments.

Club Location #Courts Membership Required Cost Time Website
CBC Hawthorne Recreation Center 3 Yes $40/Month Mon, Wed, Fri 5:30-9:00 PM Web
Open Crews Center, Matthews 3 No $2/Entry Sun: 12:30pm - 3:15pm (Advanced)
3:30pm - 5:45pm (Beginner)
Open Marion Diehl Center 6 No $2/Day for Adults ages 18 - 54
$1/day for Adults 55 and older
Wed: 5:00pm - 7:00pm
Sat: 12:00pm - 3:30pm

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Registration Fee$50.00
Senior(65 and over)$25.00/month
Full Time Student$25.00/month
Guest(Max. Twice/quarter)$10.00
**Fees are subject to change

Yonex feather shuttles are provided at no additional cost
You are expected to bring your own Racquets

Shoes with black soles are not allowed during play
Teeshirts & Shorts during play are recommended.

Profane Language during play should be avoided
There are 3 indoor courts only. Take turns after playing a game.
Fields marked in RED are REQUIRED

Full Name
The Charlotte Badminton Club encourages junior kids to train on Saturdays between 8AM to 2PM on Saturdays. The Junior program exists for the spotting of talent and is driven towards competitive play and NOT recreational play. All Juniors start out at the Beginner level on Saturdays. Once a junior reaches competitive level, the Junior is recommended for membership to the club, with or without guardian membership, to play during NON PEAK hours on weekdays. If the Junior has reached Advanced level, the Junior may be recommended for play during regular hours on weekdays. Non adherence to this path automatically disqualifies the Junior for training by coaches/leads and negates the chances of getting a membership and play with adults during regular times.

Level Coach/Lead Time Court #
Beginner/Intermediate Coach Neel/Vivek/Coach Alex 10 AM - 12 Noon Court 2, 3
Advanced Vivek 12 Noon - 2pm Court 2, 3

  • Beginner and Intermediate Juniors are not allowed to play during regular CBC PEAK TIMES on Monday , Wednesday and Friday, irrespective of type of membership held(Junior/Family/etc) at CBC. Juniors will coach on Saturdays, till they reach a proficiency level(Advanced) to play with Adults on the regular Weekdays. The PEAK TIMES on regular weekdays are 6:30pm - 9:00pm. ONLY Coach/Leads may call the Intermediate Level Junior to the court as a part of the training curriculum.
  • Court #1, next to primary entrance door may be used by parents who are coaching their own kids, based on availability and the discretion of the coach/leads. Parents have to take the permission of the coach/leads to use Court #1. Parents training their children HAVE to share the Court #1 among each other.
  • Coach/Leads reserve the right to pick and choose the kids that show the greatest potential.
Given below are the Levels and their definitions
LevelSkillAnnual Tournament Standing
IntermediateSmashes, Drops, FootworkLocal AND 1 USAB Junior tournament
AdvancedStrategies, Endurance, Speed Three(3) USAB Junior Tournaments/year, 2 of which must be 70% ranking or more
EliteNAJIT AND/OR USA representation AND Under Coaching by USA Level 1/2 coach

The following list reflects the students,their progress and training status.

YearNameLevelRecommended Membership
2014McKenzie FeyIntermediateWith Guardian
2014Neo VasudevaAdvancedWith Guardian
2015Anuj KaliaIntermediateWith Guardian
2015Rushi RathoreIntermediateIndividual
2015Nikhil VasudevaAdvancedWith Guardian